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The first in a series of videos where I talk about my comic chapter by chapter!



 Arrange marriage, requested by Anonymous

 Stefan Rose, actor turned businessman, made one more mistake that is starting to make his empire fall apart. Called a playboy and womanizer by the media, accused of being homophobic and racist, he needs a miracle to redeem himself, so a miracle he will create. 

 Aurora is his perfect twenty-year-old daughter, enjoying her life in New York until her father makes an unbelievable proposition to save their family’s power. To marry her to Ms. Moore, the CEO of a big company who also happen to be his high school sweetheart, so he can pretend to be happy and accepting of his daughter’s relationship to another woman.

 What Aurora never expected, was for this Ms. Moore to be so charming. Or to be charmed by the older woman so quickly.

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Not used to play MMORPG but couldn’t miss the occasion to play a Saint ^^ It’s completely in chinese right now. You can find patch but they make the game crash on my computer.

Right now I’m playing a Dragon type of Saint ^^ and it’s fun to play with friends.

Can’t wait to get my Gold Cloth ^^



Drama movie directed by Natalia Leite.

: Sarah, a young girl living in a small desert town in Nevada, becomes romantically involved with a female drifter who leads her into a life of drugs, stripping, and psychedelic spiritual experiences.” (x)

Genre : Drama

Tatiana Maslany, Sarah Paulson, Maisie Williams, Katey Sagal, Natalie Dormer and Nicole Beharie attend Entertainment Weekly: Women Who Kick Ass panel and presentation during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 26, 2014.

(Source: mhysas)


Women Who Kickass Panel at SDCC 14  (photographed by Tifferini Photography).


Women Who Kickass Panel at SDCC 14 (photographed by Tifferini Photography).